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Adapted Taekwondo

Regardless of physical ability, any individual can gain something from adapted Taekwondo. The Paralympic Sports Association in partnership with Tiger Taekwondo, provides skilled instructors that use traditional training techniques, regardless of physical limitations, to help students achieve balance between body, mind, and spirit. The instructors adapt each lesson to meet the goals and abilities of each participant. You will have the opportunity to be tested and move on to the next belt level. 

Who: Anyone wanting to learn Taekwondo!


  • October 17 - December 12, 2020
  • January 9 - May 8, 2020 (Excluding February 13th & April 3 )

Time: Saturdays @ 10:00am - 11:00am 

Location: Tiger Taekwondo (7619 104 St. NW)

Cost: $325

 *Refunds will only be given for PSA mandated suspensions. Anyone removed from programs for intentionally or repeatedly disobeying policies will not be refunded.

Please be aware that Adapted Taekwondo, as per Taekwondo Canada - Return to Train Guidelines, is a socially distant activity. Should you have any additional questions or concerns surrounding PSA’s Return to Train - Adapted Taekwondo guidelines or any other questions please contact programs@parasportsab.com





Date Time Location
October 1710:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
October 2410:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
October 3110:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
November 710:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
November 1410:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
November 2110:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
November 2810:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
December 510:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
December 1210:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
January 910:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
January 1610:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
January 2310:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
January 3010:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
February 610:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
February 2010:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
February 2710:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
March 610:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
March 1310:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
March 2010:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
March 2710:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
April 1010:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
April 1710:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
April 2410:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
May 110:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo
May 810:00am-11:00amTiger Taekwondo

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