Adapted Equipment Including Sledge Rentals, Handcycles, & Snowshoe Rentals In Edmonton

Paralympic Sports Association is pleased to offer equipment rentals! In light of the changing circumstances and greater emphasis being placed on outdoor, socially distant recreation, PSA is offering a wide variety of adapted equipment rentals and snowshoes available for rental. Adapted equipment available for rent includes Sledges, Handcycles, and Trailrider. Rent as an individual, socially distant group cohort bookings (up to 8), Family cohort, or experience an hour guided snowshoe tour and see all that Edmonton has to offer! All funds generated go towards supporting Paralympic Sports Association and adapted sport programming for people with disabilities.

*Please note we have limited amounts of equipment available. Equipment rentals are granted on an availability and first come first serve basis. Adapted equipment will be prioritized to people with disabilities. Equipment may not be available on the date you are requesting.

Should you wish to rent PSA equipment please submit completed Equipment_Rental_Request_Form to the designated program coordinator. Sledge equipment rental forms can be e-mailed to

Snowshoe and handcycle equipment request forms can be sent to


  • All sledge rentals include one (1) sledge and two sticks (2)
  • Cost: $10/day, $25/week, or $40/month (push bars available for an additional cost)
  • *Disclaimer*: current or former PSA participants get a discount
  • Deposit $100 (via credit card)
  • Sledges can be rented for 30 days (1 month) maximum
  • Longer rental requests will be considered on an availability and case-by-case basis and must be approved by the program coordinator (Sledges in Schools)


  • Weekend rate: $25/pair or $40/2 pairs (Friday-Sunday evening)
  • 1/2 day rate: $10/pair
  • Group rates: $10/pair
  • Kicksleds are also available, at $25/kicksled
  • Guided Experience: Join us for a guided snowshoe tour of one of Edmonton’s parks or the River Valley. Outdoor socially distanced program for familial cohorts or groups. Cost: $60 (up to 4), $100 (up to 8)
  • Damage Deposit: $40 (via credit card)
  • Snowshoeing outings will not proceed if the temperature exceeds -20 with a wind-chill.


  • All handcycles are currently in use, please feel free to contact to be placed on the wait list.
  • Cost: $75/month, indoor trainer additional $20
  • Users must provide and wear their own helmet
  • Damage deposit of $200 must be collected prior to pick-up and applies to ALL handcycle rentals (via credit card).
  • Longer rental requests will be considered on an availability and case-by-case basis and must be approved by the program coordinator.
  • Bike renters/users, excluding program registrants, must complete either a cycling orientation OR attend one of the beginner Paracycling programs. (Summer rentals only)
  • PSA reserves the right to refuse rental if renter/user is deemed incapable or incompetent to properly use and maintain the bike.
  • Bike rentals require the equipment and training to make minor fixes such as a flat tire.