Sledges In Schools

Sledge Hockey is an innovative sport that incorporates the same rules and discipline structure of stand-up ice hockey. Sledge Hockey, players sit on specially designed sleds with skate blades under the seat and use two sticks not only to pass, stick handle and shoot the puck, but also to propel and maneuver their sledges down the ice. Although originally designed for people with a physical disability, sledge hockey is now played as an inclusive sport, it is available to any individual, with or without a disability, who is interested in playing. 

The Sledges in Schools Program is offered to provide the following: 

The Sledges in Schools program provides equipment (Sledges) for individuals or groups of all abilities. Sledges can be borrowed from the PSA; enabling students with equipment to participate in skating/ hockey activities with their class in school AND To provide the opportunity for children and youth to try Sledge Hockey by participating in a Sledge Hockey Demo.

The PSA brings out a group of up to 28 sledges for the class to use. We provide background information on the history, the equipment, rules and strategies of Sledge Hockey. The students get the opportunity to try Sledge Hockey first hand, as they hop into a Sledge and are lead through drills and finally into a scrimmage. It is a great opportunity for everyone to see the sports available for people with a disability--- and to recognize the abilities of people with a disability.

Contact 780-439-8687 or email for more information. PSA provides this program to Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

*Please note that an additional mileage charge will be added to the invoice for any sledges in schools program that takes place outside of Edmonton and area. (50 cents per kilometer as well as $50 for staff member to drive out)

Thank you to Rogers Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink for their support of this program! All program fees will be re-directed through Rogers Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink. 


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